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Custom cable assembly and interconnect solutions from NEI Systems, Inc. New England Interconnect Systems manufactures and markets retractile cords and interconnect products New England Interconnect Systems manufactures customcable assemblies. Our goal is to provide the best possible cable assembly solutions to original equipment manufacturers. Custom cable assembly and coiled cord company. assembles interconnect products in Mexico and the United States. Our company serves the medical equipment, automotive, industrial, and telecommunication markets. All contact information for NEI Systems, Inc. Coiled cord company - manufacturing interconnect products and cable assemblies. Our company provides products to medical and surgical, automotive, and telecommunication markets
Custom cable assembly and interconnect solutions from NEI Systems, Inc. New England Interconnect Systems manufactures and markets retractile cords and interconnect products Overmolded cable assemblies provide strain relief and increase flexlife. NEI Systems designs, develops, and manufactures specialty interconnect products. Mechanical cable assemblies from We enable our customers to enter their markets quickly and effectively with creative products and services. Micro-miniature cable assemblies from NEI Systems. Fine-wire, small-gauge, high-flex interconnect products.

Molded Cable Assemblies

Increased flex life, pull strength, and custom connectors are just a few of the benefits of plastic injection, overmolded assemblies. These assemblies can be customized with company logos and finger detents. At NEI Systems, we focus on our customers’ unique applications and requirements. Through the cooperative, brainstorming efforts of your and our design teams, NEI Systems’ assemblies are fashioned to perform. Our flex reliefs arc smoothly and our strain reliefs withstand agreed-upon load requirements.

Molding materials include silicone, PVC, polyurethane, TPE, and polyester. Stereo lithography modeling is available.

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Pulse oximeter medical assembly

Pulse oximeter medical assembly
A leading manufacturer in the pulse oximeter market had a problem. It needed an overmolded plug, complete with subminiature sensors, for its newest pulse oximeter, a noninvasive device that measures the amount of oxygen in the blood. But it’s hard to find partners who can handle such intricate, exacting work. NEIS’s reputation for top-notch engineering capabilities and its state-of-the-art Mexican plant were the solution. We have an ongoing collaborative relationship with this manufacturer and continue to improve its product.

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Medical Assembly

This medical cable assembly features:

  • Custom 9-pin D-subminiature

  • Overmolded strain relief with custom latching mechanism

  • High-flex cable with seven individual 28-gauge conductors

  • Each conductor is composed of 40 strands of 44-gauge tinned copper

  • Two shielded conductors that isolate the signal and eliminate interference

  • Shield constructed of 40 AWG tinned copper

  • Polypropylene insulation

  • Polyurethane jacket

Clinical chemistry equipment coiled cord

Clinical chemistry equipment coiled cord
Engineers developing a new clinical blood analyzer were on the hunt for a competitive turnkey solution for their complex cable challenges. They needed a coiled cord with connectors, a photo sensor, and an intricate compound curve strain relief with overmolded printed circuit board. They knew not just anyone could develop this cord—they needed a partner they could depend upon for high-quality components and assembly. After auditing NEIS’s Mexico plant, the engineers knew they’d found their supplier.

Working with their team, NEI Systems engineers analyzed the cable design, spotted potential manufacturing problems, and offered viable design options. We solved the issue of retractile cord wear on the blood analyzer’s rotating shaft by anchoring the cord with a small “Christmas tree” off the shaft axis. The resulting cord allows for rotation without abrasion while meeting additional exacting specifications.

This medical hematology instrument cable features:

  • Molded, compound curve strain relief

  • Photo-interrupter sensor

  • Printed circuit board, .062" double sided

  • 4 conductor 30 Awg (25/44) high-flex NEWALOY 61 shielded retractile cord

  • MTE connector with formed strain relief

Mini-DIN mold, cable OD .058 inches (1.4mm


Fine-wire, molded mini-DIN assembly
NEI Systems specializes in miniature fine-wire assemblies and molded assemblies. This assembly looks simple enough, but the cable consists of four conductors of 36 AWG (7/44) stranded copper wire with an overmolded mini-DIN connector and flex relief. Soldering miniature cable to mini-DIN connectors requires a great deal of skill and know-how. To fabricate a plastic injection overmolded part without damaging the solder joints demands exacting process expertise.

Heart pump cable, right-angle overmolded flex relief

Right-angle circular connector with
custom overmolded flex relief

This custom-designed, right-angle overmolded cable assembly attaches to a portable auxiliary heart pump. Frequent communication between NEI Systems’ and the customer’s engineers led to a proprietary molded cable assembly that incorporates off-the-shelf components with NEI Systems’ custom-molded alternating rib, flex relief. Since this was a new product and actual demand in the marketplace was unknown, NEI Systems designed the tooling to meet the customer’s initial low-volume requirement and cost target. As demand for the product grew, the mold was scalable, and additional flex-relief cavities were added to the tool to increase production output.

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