Pulse oximeters measure blood oxygen saturation levels and pulse rates in patients.

Your team is charging ahead. You've got to beat your competitors to market. Speed is your competitive advantage. You need a cable assembly and interconnect supplier that will quickly anticipate your needs, foresee process problems, and offer solutions - a supplier whose team stays cool under pressure.

A leading manufacturer of medical patient monitors found such team players at NEI Systems. The manufacturer needed a redesign of the overmolded cable assembly and subminiature sensor system for its new pulse oximeter equipment. NEI Systems was there to handle the intricate and exacting work necessary to create the monitoring cables. With an open exchange of ideas, the engineers from both our companies collaborated in developing a cable solution for the new console. All the while, the NEI Systems' manufacturing team at the state-of-the-art plant in Santa Ana, Sonora, Mexico was ramping up production to meet delivery requirements.

The pulse oximeter medical assembly has many features, including: custom 9-pin D-subminiature components; an overmolded strain relief with custom latching mechanism; PC board assembly; high-flex cable with seven individual 28-gauge conductors, each composed of 40 strands of 44-gauge tinned copper; two shielded conductors that isolate the signal and eliminate interference (the shield is constructed of 40-AWG tinned copper); polypropylene insulation; and a polyurethane jacket. Molding materials include silicone, PVC, polyurethane, TPE, and polyester. Stereo lithography modeling is available.

Our molded cable assemblies have many advantages.

Increased flex life, pull strength, and custom electronic connectors are just a few of the benefits of our plastic injection, overmolded assemblies. The flex reliefs on our pulse oximeter medical assembly arc smoothly and our strain reliefs withstand agreed-upon load requirements. The assemblies can be customized with company logos. At NEI Systems, we focus on our customers' unique applications and requirements. Through the cooperative brainstorming efforts of your engineering design team and ours, NEI Systems' assemblies are manufactured to perform superbly under exacting conditions.

Manufactured in brand-new state-of-the-art facilities.

Our pulse oximeter medical assemblies, along with our other superbly designed and manufactured quality medical assembly components, are produced by our highly trained work force in our manufacturing facility located in Santa Ana, Sonora, Mexico. The rich culture and striking landscape is a prime location for the 31,102-square-foot (3,000-square-meter) plant situated in northern Sonora, 63 miles south of Nogales, Arizona, USA. Our brand-new factory is equipped with the latest technology and quality systems so that we can produce and deliver your custom-designed products, efficiently and well.

Now there's an idea. Give NEI Systems a call.

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